FRICKE Dosing + Filling Systems from Minden operates globally and serves customers from all over the world with high-quality plant technology and future-oriented software.

With focus on the product-specific requirements of liquid substances, FRICKE is the preferred partner of the perfume and aroma industry as well as the chemical industry.
At FRICKE, a broad range of engineering know-how, more than 50 years of experience and the traditional values of a family-run company combine to create a distinctive customer culture: Anyone who wants to meet the highest standards needs to do an extraordinary job.

A challenge that requires commitment at all levels and from every employee. As a modern family business, FRICKE therefore relies on clear, flat structures and open communication, which promotes creative ideas as well as responsible action.  
FRICKE stands for specialization, performance diversity and focused management. Choose a production solution from FRICKE and see for yourself:

  • guaranteed quality products "Made in Germany"
  • tried and tested long-term employees
  • high consulting and planning competence
  • extensive product range


A long success story in the service of precision

The great-great-grandfather of today’s managing director of FRICKE who started with the production of decimal scales in his small locksmith’s shop, marked the beginning of the company history rich in tradition.

From weighing to filling. From Rehme/Weser he supplied the entire region, thereby contributing to more precision and, as a result, more justice in the trade with agricultural products. It is this striving for maximised precision and quality that has always accompanied our company history. This philosophy was continued when Werner Fricke, by then representing the fourth company generation, developed the first bagging scales for coal and briquettes. And it continued when soon after the first filling stations for paints and lacquers were built, followed in the 80s by dosing plants for the perfume and flavour industry.

From filling to dosing. The requirements of calibration precision and reproducibility increased as the degree of automation grew, especially in dosing technology. We grew with these requirements – because we have always considered maximum precision as one of our quality standards. Based on this tradition, today we have developed into one of the most successful companies in our line of industry. In 1995, our production site was moved to Minden where the company is managed by the fifth family generation.

Filling and dosing plants are not available straight off the shelf - not with us. Because each of the systems supplied by FRICKE is tailor-made to customer-specific requirements, there are virtually no limits to the spectrum of the sectors we serve. In the past, however, we have focused on the areas in which the performance of our company and the profound know-how of our employees are particularly in demand.

FRICKE filling systems are, for example, mainly manufactured for the chemical industry, where we have over 50 years of experience with alkaline and acidic liquids. Lacquers and paints, as well as adhesives, building materials and, in the meantime, also foodstuffs, are calibrated and filled on our systems. Products which you encounter on a daily basis in your everyday life, without even remotely thinking about our company.

Whether filling into buckets, canisters, cans, drums or containers, whether above level, below level or below bunghole or on pallet, semi-automatic or automatic - all systems developed by FRICKE are designed for maximum quality and economy with their compact design and simple operation. For potentially explosive sectors in compliance with EU Directive 2014/34.

Another focus of FRICKE’s expertise is the development and production of dosing systems, especially for the perfume and aroma industry.

FRICKE technology convinces customers around the world where the highest standards of quality, precision and reproducibility of formulas are required. For example, in the production of fine perfumes, which, thanks to FRICKE’s dosing technology, allow fragrance compositions with up to 100 essences from a total range of 1,000 raw materials.FRICKE dosing systems are a known name for efficient production solutions from the laboratory dosing system to the sampling and the dosage cluster for large components. The control software developed by FRICKE ensures optimal system performance.FRICKE is also your cross-sector choice for reliable dosing and filling processes with a convincing cost-benefit factor. Talk to us about your individual requirements.


  • Lacquers and paints
  • Care and cleaning products
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Foodstuffs
  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Adhesives
  • Building chemicals/construction aids

    FRICKE stands for many years of practical experience in the development and construction of efficient plants around the world. Comprehensive support rounds off the service spectrum of FRICKE’s solution competence.



    - The great-great-grandfather of today's managing director founds a locksmith's shop in Rehme (Westphalia)

    - Decimal scales for use in farming, trade and industry


    Job enlargement

    Scales for bulk goods


    Sack filling scales

    Werner Fricke presents the first sack filling scales for solid combustibles at the trade fair in Hanover


    Paint and lacquer industry

    - Development of the first filling system for the paint and lacquer industry

    - Filling systems for the paint and lacquer industry


    Dosing systems

    - Involvement in the construction of the most extensive dosing plant of the time

    - Dosing plants for the perfume and aroma industry


    Dosing software

    Development of the comany's own dosing software


    First trade fair presentation

    First trade fair presentation at the Achema



    Relocation to the new company building in Minden, Meißen



    Development of the BMS (PPS programm for the perfume and aroma industry)



    - Werner Fricke hands over the management of the company to Stephan Fricke

    - Establishment of the Fricke Branch in the USA



    Addition of a 622 m2 large production hall


    Warehouse / Production hall

    Construction of an 800 m2 large warehouse / production hall.



    Extension of the office space by 400 m2


    Improved logistics

    The addition of two vertical bearings creates optimal conditions for the growing needs of production and support.



    Thanks to the acquisition of an adjacent industrial area, the service and sports department gains new rooms.


    20 years in Meißen

    Small anniversary, great perspective: Today, customers are all over the world rely on the technology of FRICKE.


    Storage Area Expanded

    Thanks to the new hall construction, our storage capacity has been expanded by a further 1000 m2.


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