FRICKE dosing systems are top-class, high-tech products which are exported worldwide. With the second generation of dosing systems, the CONCORDIA product family and the product planning software Batch Management Software (BMS), FRICKE succeeded in creating a unique synthesis of high-quality hardware and software. Based on standard models, plants can be developed according to your requirements.

You gain distinct competitive advantages with the FRICKE dosing systems offering an economically practical solution:

  • constant precision and product contamination protection
  • possibility of restoring identical mixing recipes at any time
  • direct dosing into flacons
  • integration of urgent jobs into the running production process
  • simultaneous, parallel dosing
  • uninterrupted control
  • unattended night shift
  • easy care stainless steel systems
  • economical in the explosion protected area
  • modular design
  • compact dimensions
  • Engineering and production of piping- and storage tank systems (worldwide references)
    • fully barcode assisted production control
    • extremely short throughfeed times
    • integrated, environmentally sound extraction system directly at the dosing point
    • pipework and storage tank systems (references worldwide)
    • storage tanks with vacuum filling and nitrogen
    • storage tanks based on the syphon effect
    • stainless steel pipework construction

    All these advantages imply higher profits by the increase of your productivity: Because as from now you will be able to supply your customers faster and with better quality products due to the use of the FRICKE technology.