Dosing systems for small to medium creative and sampling laboratories

Creative and sampling laboratories know the problem: Confined spaces offering no possibility to expand, hardly sufficient space for the large number of ingredients and tight schedules.

FRICKE dosing systems solve such awkward situations. Especially developed for office buildings, the modular and space saving laboratory systems are capable of automating a maximum of 500 components at high accuracy.

Thanks to fast processing times, colleagues putting pressure on you and impatient customers are a thing of the past.

From now on, the fast presentation of mixes will be another strong point of your company.

  • 34 fully automatic mixing recipes during the unattended night shift
  • optional up to 54 mixing recipes
  • 2000 dosing cycles per day
  • barcode assisted dosing
  • dosage precision on the 6 kg scale: ±3 mg
  • smallest dosing quantity on the 6 kg scale: 5 mg
  • mixes up to 1000 ml
  • fast presentation of dosing results
  • cooled or heated components
  • modular design for various construction sizes (100-500 components)
  • integrated stock
  • well suited for office buildings
Pours per day2000
Accuracy± 3 mg
Min. pour size5 mg
Atex Zone1
Raw material storageintegrated stock

Also available with explosion protection label according to directive 2014/34/EU.