The Dosing Star combines an extremely high dosing accuracy with a maximum dosing speed. The design is modular. Each module is dispensing with its own scale.

Besides the variable number of dosing modules with its valve containers, each Dosing Star comes with a linear axis robot for moving the batch containers to the individual modules.

Up to 25 mixing containers are placed on each one trolley. 4 trolleys can easily pushed into the plant. The picker module of the linear axes robot takes the mixing container from the trolley and returns it after dispensing is completed to the same place.

By means of the module design up to 8 modules can be loaded by one robot. Each dosing module can hold up to 128 valve containers.

  • Fast dosing into containers with openings from 15 mm
  • Ground-braking picker module for time optimized placing of the mixing containers onto the 8 dosing modules
  • Latest scale technology
  • Fixed and variable barcode may be used
  • Rush orders are integrated into the production process in an optimal way
Mixing container positions100
Pours per hourup to 800
Laborator useyes
Accuracy± 3mg
Max. batch size800 g
Min. pour size30 mg
Atex Zone1
Raw material storageup to 1024 x 1 liter

Also available with explosion protection label according to directive 2014/34/EU.