Controlled safety of your formulas

Not all the components of a batch production are suitable for the automated dosing process due to their physical properties or small quantities. With the FRICKE manual addition, you can set up manual or partially automated manual additions within the entire process chain, which are fully integrated into the BMS barcode control.

Thus, the reproducibility of formulas can be ensured within the area of manual addition and quality standards can be reliably met.

  • Hardware-independent PC software
  • Scales of various manufacturers can be integrated
  • Connection of 2 different scales per workplace possible
  • Mobile wireless versions (LAN)
  • Ex-protection according to Atex

Fully automatic barcode-assisted machine dosages can be supplemented by manual addition with barcode control. This way, the production process, each individual dosage and the inventory are documented promptly

Manual addition and recombination are interlinked via the batch management software (BMS). Quality assurance is carried out online.