High-quality dosing technology

In the perfume and aroma industries there has been no satisfactory solution up until now for the accurate mixing of substances in powder form. When powders clot or form dust, this can lead to weighing errors, blocked valves etc. resulting in frequent production downtimes. And this is not even including the problematic conditions for safety at work due to the dust emissions.

With increasing frequency we were being asked by customers for powder dosing systems that would apply the dosing technology know-how for which our company is renowned, since FRICKE systems were mainly developed up until now for use with liquid substances.

Thus, the FRICKE PD1 powder dosing system was especially designed for use with the powders of the perfume and aroma industries. The system is equipped with a 4 kg scale (dissolution per 1 mg) and automates the production of 20 powder components.

The powders are stored in tightly sealed stainless steel containers with a 10 litre capacity. The containers can be equipped with different dosing elements and agitators according to the various powder characteristics. This allows a clot-free as well as dust-free processing of the powders - neither personnel nor machine systems are subjected to emissions.

A high degree of accuracy and reproducibility of results count among the further advantages of the "PD1", as well as the efficiency and unproblematic Software integration in the batch management system, typical attributes of FRICKE dosing systems.

Incidentally: The number "1" in the product name foreshadows that further powder dosing systems will follow. A further version, the "PD2", is already being developed for a larger weight range.