Mastering large components

An advantage you should make use of: Dosing of several large components manually or automatically!

Our systems are dosing in parallel into stationary or mobile tanks. The systems operate with scales, load cells or mass flow meters.

  • Production Dosing Units
  • Dosing Cluster
  • Compounding of large quantities for mixtures from 5 kg to 12 t
  • Stationary or mobile tanks
  • Individual components are added with high speed
  • Flow rates: 30 – 250 Litre per minute
  • Parallel dosing with several scales or mass flow meters
  • Barcode controlled dosing
  • un-supervised operation
  • integrated, environment friendly, exhaust hood at the cluster
  • optionally with intermediate weighting tank
  • various scale ranges
  • individual design
  • Ex protection according to Atex

The advantages are obvious: Complete your pre-mixtures simply – in only one further working step – by the remaining large quantity components; and this of course with barcode control and fully automatically.

Our modern storage systems allow dispensing of large quantities from several drums at the same time. Labour intensive pumping from drums to mixing containers, which also requires a lot of cleaning work, belongs to the past.

Of course, dosing cluster are also designed for hazardous areas, zone 1.

Very practical for mobile tanks: The valve clusters can be height adjusted to the mobile containers in use. Clusters are designed to your needs giving you space for later extensions. The fully automatic compounding of each raw material ensures accuracy and provides equally a consistent high quality standard.

FRICKE-Cluster complement FRICKE-machines and manual dosing systems ideally and extend your production range by a further module.

Large quantities5 kg – 12 t
TanksStationary or mobile
Flow rates30 – 250 l/min.
Atex Zone1

Also available with explosion protection label according to directive 2014/34/EU.