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FRICKE filling systems present an economically practical solution as they contribute to you obtaining notable competitive advantages by their:

  • compact, space saving design
  • very simple operation
  • low make-ready times
  • calibratable filling

Your products, the filling weights and the container handling define both type and configuration of your machine line.

FRICKE filling systems permit the filling of single containers or containers arranged in layers on a pallet. Compressed air and power are supplied to the filling systems by simply connecting the plug. The systems are directly connected to the product hose which allows the immediate start of calibratable filling cycles.

FRICKE filling systems can be conveniently complemented by additional modules to integrate further operating steps, such as, for instance, closing and labelling the containers.

The use of scales and mass flow meters of reknown brands, e.g. Bizerba, guarantees precise filling meeting the calibration rules. Upon request, also statistical evaluations are possible in accordance with the finished package regulations.

„Icon-Überspiegelabfüllung“Above level filling
for easy to handle products to be filled into open containers, e.g. into cans or buckets.
„Icon-Unterspiegelabfüllung“Below level filling
for products which have the tendency to foam or produce static charges during filling.
„Icon-Unterspund“Below bunghole filling
for easy to handle products which can be filled into open bunghole containers, such as canisters.

Find your

Type of plant
  • Semi-automatic
  • Automatic
Container type
  • Open cans, Buckets, Hobbocks
  • Canister
  • Open barrels
  • Drums filling station
  • IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container)
Type of filling
  • Above level
  • Below-level filling
  • Below-bunghole filling