With fully automatic FRICKE filling systems buckets, canisters can be transported, filled, sealed and labeled.

The AFS series offers you tried and tested single or double position fillers, the benefits of which are convincing at a glance.

With the AFS 23 canisters can be filled directly on pallet fully automatically. Bunghole recognition carried out using camera technology.

All FRICKE systems guarantee you:

  • calibrated filling with high precision
  • fast and easy valve cleaning
  • simple one-man operation

Small space requirement
The compact FRICKE filling systems require little cost-intensive production space. Due to the modular design, container destackers, container closers and labelers can be assembled to a fully automated line according to customer requirements in the smallest possible space requirements.

Automatic weight settings
Time-consuming settings by the operator at the weighing terminal are almost completely eliminated since the system automatically suggests the different target and tare weights, the coarse and fine flow parameters.

Additional time gain
Automatic filling, automatic closing and automatic transport of the containers offers a considerable time saving, which the operator can use for other activities.

Further possibilities of automation
All FRICKE systems offer the option of extended automation such as labeling machines and screwing stations.

Also available with explosion protection label according to directive 2014/34/EU.