EFS 42

The EFS 42 filling station is significantly more comfortable to operate than the EFS 41 and is much more flexible with regard to extensions. With the EFS 42, complex control tasks, connections to MES or ERP systems or remote maintenance can be displayed.

Due to the modular design a subsequent extension to the fully automatic filling line (see AFS) including automatic transport, sealing and labeling of containers is possible at any time.

A filling station with electronic scale for the filling of viscous to pasty liquids e.g. paints. varnishes or dispersions, adhesives, bitumen.

For filling open containers just above the fill level, e.g. cans, buckets, canisters. Above level filling coarse/fine.

Product feed from higher lying storage tanks via gravity or with the help of pumps. Direct connection via product hoses to the valve.

The system offers you:

  • calibratable above level filling just above the fill level with rising valve
  • thread-cutting, non-dripping filling valve
  • fast cleaning of the valve (the product-contacted area consists of 3 parts)
  • a rapid changeover to other container sizes and changing products
  • the ideal solution for small and medium filling orders
  • filling, sealing and palletizing by one person
  • small space requirement
  • immediately ready for use, only energy (electricity and/or compressed air only) and product supply must be connected and  filling can be started

    depending on the choice of scale

    • 500 g – 30 kg
    • 1.000 g – 60 kg
    • 2.000 g – 150 kg
    • 5.000 g – 300 kg
    Dimensions max.1650 x 1,200 x 2,500 mm (WxDxH)
    Weight~ 370 kg
    Compressed air demand per filling~ 15 NL at 5.5 bar

    Also available with explosion protection label according to directive 2014/34/EU.


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