Powerful and highly flexible

FRICKE's FFS range includes semi-automatic filling systems for calibrated filling of viscous and pasty liquids, as well as liquids which make below level filling since they froth, are gaseous or generate static electricity.

Above level: e.g. paints, varnishes, adhesives, bitumen, ...

Below level: e.g. solvents and detergents/cleaning and car products, chemical liquids, glazes, ...

The systems can be used to fill all standard containers, such as buckets, canisters, drums or IBCs, directly on the pallet. Product feed from higher lying storage tanks via natural slope or with the help of pumps. Direct connection via product hoses to the valve. Various system configurations are available, such as the above level, below level, below bunghole, above level (just above the fill level) or multi (both below level and above level filling).

Empty containers are transported on pallet onto the scale with the help of pallet trucks, pallet jacks or forklift trucks. On request also with powered rollers or chain conveyors.