Powerful and highly flexible

FRICKE's FFS range includes semi-automatic filling systems for calibrated filling of viscous and pasty liquids, as well as liquids which make below level filling since they froth, are gaseous or generate static electricity.

Above level: e.g. paints, varnishes, adhesives, bitumen, ...

Below level: e.g. solvents and detergents/cleaning and car products, chemical liquids, glazes, ...

The systems can be used to fill all standard containers, such as buckets, canisters, drums or IBCs, directly on the pallet. Product feed from higher lying storage tanks via natural slope or with the help of pumps. Direct connection via product hoses to the valve. Various system configurations are available, such as the above level, below level, below bunghole, above level (just above the fill level) or multi (both below level and above level filling).

Empty containers are transported on pallet onto the scale with the help of pallet trucks, pallet jacks or forklift trucks. On request also with powered rollers or chain conveyors.

  • calibrated filling (type according to the filling method) of several containers on one pallet
  • fast and easy valve cleaning (the produkt contact area is made of 3 parts)
  • a rapid changeover to other container sizes and changing products
  • the ideal solution for small and medium filling orders
  • simple operation by one person
  • Handling of empty containers (lifting heavy loads (filled containers)) not applicable

Use the choice of your scale(s) to determine the calibratable weight ranges and make use the following advantages:

  • Automatic weight settings
    Time-consuming settings by the operator at the weighing terminal are almost completely eliminated since the system automatically suggests the different target and tare weights, the coarse and fine flow parameters.
  • Practical one-hand operation
    Thanks to the user-friendly handle on the roller bearing mounted and swiveling telescopic arm the valve can be positioned easily with one hand over each container opening and filling started at the push of a button.
  • Expand the container spectrum
    Using a second scale with a small weighing range, small containers of 2.5 - 30 kg can be filled.
  • No palletizing of filled containers
    Heavy physical work is not required when palletizing filled containers; canisters or drums are sorted in a empty state onto the pallet and then filled.
  • Reduced accident risk
    Fixed elements, e.g. frame on which the valve must be moved are not present. Bumping or squeezing during operation are thus excluded as an accident source.

Weight ranges (calibratable acc. to the Weight range) depending on the choice of scales

  • 10 kg – 600 kg
  • 20 kg – 1.500 kg
  • 50 kg – 3.000 kg

with additional small container scale

  • 500 g – 30 kg
  • 1.000 g – 60 kg