FFS 23

With the FFS 23 (coordinate filling system with "teach in") or AFS 23 (coordinate filling system with camera), FRICKE presents another innovation that sets new standards.

Designed in a robust stainless steel construction and prepared for automatic bunghole detection, this system guarantees not only accurate, calibratable filling but above all: high efficiency. Because, whilst in the case of conventional machines the container is guided to the valve, the FFS 23 (coordinate filling system PK) does exactly the opposite! This means an immense time saving, especially for pallet filling of different containers.

The relatively light valves move at an enormous speed and are easy and fast to clean due to only three components which have direct contact with the material. Thus, changeover times are reduced to a minimum.

Further advantages: The filling is almost foam-free and is also suitable for critical materials. The integrated level tracking guarantees a corresponding lifting of the valve as the filling level increases. And regardless of container size and quantity, all processes can be retained and made available on demand.

What sounds like intensive handling and complicated can be easily implemented by one person in only three steps:

  • Position the pallet (below the system)
  • Documenting the container positions via 'teach in'
  • Start the filling process

Experience the new coordinate filling system PK in the video and discover all the aspects of the FRICKE innovation!

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The system offers you:

  • an almost foam-free, calibratable below level filling of several containers on one pallet
  • automatic positioning of the valve over the container openings on the pallet
  • bunghole recognition via camera or "teach-in"
  • automatic height adjustment and automatic change of position
  • fast and easy valve cleaning (the produkt contact area is made of 3 parts)
  • a rapid changeover to other container sizes and changing products
  • simple operation by one person
  • handling of empty containers (lifting heavy loads (filled containers)) not applicable

depending on the choice of scale

  • 10 kg – 600 kg
  • 20 kg – 1.500 kg
  • 50 kg – 3.000 kg
Dimensions max.2500 x 4,200 x 3.300 mm (WxDxH)
Weight~ 2.000 kg
air demand per filling
(200 l drum)
~ 2 NL
at 5.5 bar

Also available with explosion protection label according to directive 2014/34/EU.


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