All plants can be adapted to your
specific requirements.

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UNIQUE: Plant engineering and software development from a single source

The FRICKE range of services unites varied competencies under one roof.

In addition to the dosing and filling systems, which are manufactured exclusively in-house, the production control software is also developed directly at FRICKE. This optimally balanced coordination enables a unique performance.
Tank storage construction, including raw material accessibility, is also one of the main areas of performance in the FRICKE portfolio.

More efficient production methods increase your production

Requirements on dosing and filling systems are as manifold as the jobs to be produced. For this reason, standard versions cannot meet the needs on the different production methods. FRICKE develops automatic systems which are exactly matched to your specific demands; systems as unique as your company and your products.

Exponential analyses acquiring and evaluating the actual situation of your production in all detail, form the starting point of all considerations. On this basis, an investment plan is developed aiming at decisively increasing productivity. Here not only economical aspects but also technical factors will be taken into account in order to achieve an optimum work flow management for your production.

The developed solutions will be co-ordinated in a well arranged and easy to understand manner in a written concept which also includes a concrete offer.



  • Actual analysis of the number of dosing/filling cycles and quantities
  • determination of the number of automated components
  • detailed individual requirements analysis
  • selection of the optimum machine/system types n
  • definition of the required machine/system speed
  • definition of the container sizes and machine/system layout
  • configuration of the storage tanks and pipework systems
  • software planning (BMS)
  • return on investment calculation

Systems perfectly matched to each other offer your optimum solutions

As a FRICKE customer, you will be personally accompanied by an experienced project engineer from the very beginning. The following competence areas will be covered together with the project team:

  • machine/system planning
  • machine/system design
  • storage tank and pipework construction
  • schedule co-ordination of mechanical and electrical production and Software
  • production control
  • machine/system installation
  • documentation


With his expert knowledge, your project engineer will always be at your side as your contact partner and will form the interface to the FRICKE project team. In the commissioning phase of the new machine/system he will supervise and check the individual development processes through to the final hand-over. Information on your machine/system and the BMS (Batch Management Software) will be compiled in a detailed technical documentation.

Do-it-yourself high precision

Only one thing is good enough to meet your demands: our in-house made-to-measure manufacturing. We manufacture every product individually. In all work steps, with all parts, on state-of-the-art machinery and without compromises. In this way, we are able to guarantee you outstanding quality – over which we have 100 percent control.

You can expand or retrofit a plant you purchased from us at any time. Production in-house and with our own employees ensures highest flexibility.


Yet, there is one exception that we turn over to an external service company: the documentation and risk analyses are created by independent institutions. This ensures that you are also legally secure in every situation - 100 percent of the time.

A quick, smooth start

When mechanical and electrical production is completed, we put the plant into operation for you. First, we inspect the electrical and pneumatic components in-house for fault-free functioning . We install the control programmes, extensively test the automatic and manual functions and check the safety.

Our Quality Assurance Team – and for dosing plants also TÜV – test and pass the plants.

In the second step, we supervise start-up/commissioning on site at your company – and on site means: worldwide.

The installation of the plant, connection to the raw materials infeed and linking to your network is all completed by our experienced employees.

Then, we move into the second phase of testing, e.g. with practical trial orders. We train your employees and accompany them through initial production.