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BIS – Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence is a comprehensive term for the collection and analysis of IT-supported data from business processes. The figures obtained from the queries and analysis become important indicators for business decisions.

FRICKE BIS generates this information from your BMS software data. This gives you a unique tool for measuring and evaluating your dosing processes.





The evaluation is risk-free without direct access to production control.





With BIS, information retrieval is user-friendly, convenient and clear.





The high data quality makes BIS an important instrument for operational process planning.





Complex production processes are transformed into visible figures and facts which enables effective use of resources.

4 advantages of BIS

Production data becomes a success factor

Gain insights, walk new paths, show trends and retain capacity for growth.


FRICKE BIS is especially user-friendly.

A clearly structured user interface provides a clear overview at a glance. The handling is simple, secure and individually configurable via access rights.


This is what BIS looks like


We would be pleased to show you how BIS changed your process in an individual evaluation.

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If you cannot find an answer to your question about BIS from FRICKE, we would be glad to answer it personally.

How can I access the BIS user interface?

Access is possible via a current web browser technology.

Do I need BMS as a prerequisite for BIS?

Yes. The data to be evaluated is retrieved from all connected BMS systems.

Which version of BMS must run on my machines in order for me to use BIS?

The BIS server runs with BMS as of version R3.

Can I install and set up BIS myself?

No. The BIS server is installed and set up by FRICKE.

Do I have to pay per access for BIS?

The smallest version includes 1 access. Other license models are available upon request.

Can I expand BIS?

Yes. BIS can be expanded with regard to connected BMS systems as well as the evaluations/reports.

How is the pricing model structured?

The fees for the BIS licenses must be paid annually.

What are the minimum system requirements for BIS?

The BIS server is made available in the form of a virtual machine. A server hardware that supports VMware in a recent version is required.

Can I use BIS only for FRICKE plants or for plants from other manufacturers?

Yes. If the other plants are connected to the BMS, data from these plants can also be evaluated.

Under which operating systems does BIS run? (Windows, Mac, Linux?) And does this fit in with my ERP system?

The BIS internal operating system is Windows-based. Because BIS is provided as a virtual machine, all VMware-supported operating systems can be used as a host.
The BI server is independent of the customer's ERP system.

Can I create different user groups with varying rights under BIS?

Yes. The user groups and rights can be administrated freely.

Can I use BIS on multiple computers/machines?

Yes. The retrieval of the data can be carried out simultaneously from several accesses.
The BIS Server is able to evaluate data from several BMS systems.

Is there a trial version of BIS?

Yes. A trial version can be provided.

Can I create reports according to individual requirements?

Yes. As well as the standard reports, additional, customer-specific reports can be created. These are created by FRICKE according to the customer's requirements.