BSFZ Seal for the innovative Filling System

Award for research-oriented companies

We are happy to have received the BSFZ Seal for research-oriented companies by the Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung! With our maintenance-friendly AFS 22 filling system for flexible liquid filling, we have successfully met the innovation demands of the chemical industry and set new standards.

Our new filling system combines automated productivity with flexibility, enabling fully automatic filling of liquids in containers ranging from 3 to 30 liters, while significantly reducing setup and maintenance efforts. The transport system has been ergonomically designed and equipped with innovative features such as folding cylinders and a new valve construction. The individual modules of the system have been programmed using the open-source programming language Codesys.

Compared to traditional filling systems, our developed solution offers contactless and cost-efficient conveying technology, allowing for easy cleaning and significantly reducing the risk of contamination. This system is a useful extension of our product range and makes automated systems interesting also for smaller companies. The modular SPS and centralized functionality representation in a software enhance user guidance and enable future developments and optimizations. The modular design and reliable error prevention facilitate seamless integration of the systems for our customers.

We are very proud to have received this award for our AFS 22 filling system and extend our gratitude to all involved for their outstanding achievement!

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The BSFZ Seal for the innovative filling station AFS 22.