New BI Software by Fricke

Tool for evaluating and optimizing production processes

Fricke not only offers filling and dosing systems for different industries and processes to its worldwide customer base, but now also solutions for monitoring and controlling a process-optimized production with the Fricke BIS software. With the in-house developed Business Intelligence Software (BIS), users get a quick overview of key production figures and essential analysis tools for optimizing their production facilities.  In addition to the detection of general errors and failures, data regarding machine utilization, usage and material inventory can also be accessed.  This allows potential downtimes or stoppages to be reduced to a minimum and optimization potential to be identified.

Every company has the desire to make its production processes as efficient as possible, because this is the only way to avoid downtime and maximize potentials. That is why Fricke is not only working on the further development of its high-quality filling and dosing systems, but has also been continuously optimizing accompanying software applications for its customers for years. With the Fricke BIS software, the company will also offer its customers a versatile software application in the future. This allows the production processes of the Fricke filling and dosing systems to be displayed and monitored in a variety of ways, just like in a visual factory. The data can be easily exported and accessed from anywhere at any time.

Identify errors at an early stage
The visual illustration of the machine statuses on the real site layout simulates the situation on site and offers useful and clear access to information. Critical machine states or failures can be detected at the individual machine level, for machine groups or at the area level in near real time. Error messages or sensor data can be accessed in a matter of seconds via drill-down.

Optimizing production processes
With the Fricke BIS software, users receive an overview of their order and production data in the shortest possible time.  A clearly structured user interface of the software offers clarity at a glance.  Handling is simple, secure and individually configurable via access rights.  The order data are visualized over time and are divided according to dosing systems.  The software identifies conspicuous order items and provides reasons why a production item was carried out with several dosings, for example, and whether there is potential for optimization.

The software provides the following data:

  • Display of all production data for evaluating real data
  • Order data over various periods of time and in absolute numbers to optimize production processes
  • Historical and current order data for individual dosing systems
  • Number of dosings per dosing system for more efficient use of raw materials
  • All order items solved to individual dosings for maximum transparency
  • Analysis of error messages, multiple dosing and container size assignment

The BIS software from Fricke is therefore an important tool for improving production and maintenance processes. With a wide range of analysis options, it ensures that the potential contained in company data is identified and used.

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FRICKE Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG from Minden, Germany, is a specialist in the development of dosing and filling systems, as well as control software for efficient production processes. Its customers are located around the globe and belong to the perfume and aroma industry, and the chemical industry. At Fricke, broad know-how and over 150 years of experience meet the flexibility and reliability of a family company with more than 115 employees.

FRICKE BI Software for evaluating and optimizing production processes
FRICKE BI Software
FRICKE BI Software
FRICKE BI Software