New Fricke automation technology

Increased efficiency through networked metering and filling systems

Automation technology for the perfume and flavor industry
Increased efficiency and improved quality through networked dosing and filling systems

Given the increasing importance of Smart Factory, companies have the opportunity to respond faster and more flexibly to changing market conditions while implementing sustainable production practices. The solution lies in the implementation of networked production processes, regardless of how far companies are already advanced in their digital transformation. By using intelligent manufacturing systems from the mechanical engineering company FRICKE Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, companies of all sizes – be they small, medium-sized or corporate – can increase their flexibility, minimize costs, increase profits and tap into new business potential.

In this context, the family-owned company from Minden has achieved a significant advance in the perfume and flavor industry. With the help of the innovative automated FRICKE-Multiplex system - which is based on a utility model protection (DE 202023102541.2) - the efficiency, precision and quality of production processes can be raised to a new level. FRICKE offers a complete solution from a single source. By using industry-specific software solutions (MES and BI systems), the company enables smooth production processes, uniform machine control, comprehensive data evaluations and more freedom in order processing. From process analysis to plant commissioning, FRICKE delivers a turnkey system.

Improved product quality and optimized working conditions    
The dosing and filling of perfumes and flavors often presents manufacturers with challenges in terms of efficiency, precision and quality. FRICKE set out to address these challenges and find an innovative approach. Working closely with customers and drawing on the know-how gained from over 50 years of industry expertise, Fricke developed an automated system that not only enables efficient and precise dosing and reliable filling of perfumes and flavors, but also integrates almost all production processes. The focus was not only on increasing performance, but also on improving working conditions for employees.


Increased efficiency through intelligent process flow    
The FRICKE Multiplex system optimizes the entire production flow by linking the individual dosing and filling systems, agitation processes, filtration and cleaning systems. This enables a seamless and efficient transfer of the mobile FRICKE-Multiplex containers - which are also protected by a utility model (DE 202023102540.4), and which enable an increase in efficiency in semi-automatic as well as fully automatic plants in the first place. The intelligent process flow minimizes bottlenecks and waiting times, resulting in a significant increase in overall productivity. In addition, the system reduces the need for manual interventions involving the handling of aggressive and explosive chemicals.

A special feature of the plant is its ability to ensure high product quality. Precise dosing and controlled filling processes of the individual perfume and aroma components in exactly the right quantities and ratios are standard processes at Fricke. The consistent quality and recipe accuracy can always be verified. The automated networking of the plant also enables precise traceability of the other process steps, such as agitation, filtration, ripening processes and cleaning of the mixing containers, in order to document compliance with the high quality standards and safety for the end consumer.

Increasing flexibility and adaptability    
The FRICKE-Multiplex also offers increased flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of the perfume and flavor industry. Thanks to the modular design, the systems can be planned in such a way that individual components can be replaced or retrofitted without any problems in order to map the special production requirements of the individual customer. This enables companies to respond quickly to new market trends and customer requirements without having to make large investments in new production equipment. The plant is equipped with a mixing tank transport shuttle that efficiently controls the modules in the system, including the stationary large tanks.

The benefits of the automated plant are manifold. The integration of all process steps into an automated overall process has significantly increased productivity. Precise dosing and filling with batch tracking and a mixing tank history with documented cleaning improves product quality. In addition, the high level of automation has a positive effect on the working conditions and employee satisfaction.

Potential for other applications and industries     
The FRICKE-Multiplex is a profitable future technology not only for the perfume and flavor industry, but also in other industries where dosing and filling in batch processes play a central role. It demonstrates the transformative potential of Smart Factory and enables companies to make their manufacturing processes smarter, increase flexibility, minimize costs and continuously improve quality.

The benefits of FRICKE-Multiplex
1.    Efficiency & Quality: Optimized production flow, precise dosing, controlled filling, and batch traceability ensure consistent product quality and recipe accuracy. Documentation of all process steps, such as mixing, filtration, ripening processes, cleaning of mixing vessels, filling (including filter screen).
2.    Productivity Increase & Reduction in Turnaround Time: Fully automated lead to higher productivity with shorter lead times, especially in industries with batch processes.
3.    Flexibility & Adaptability: Modular design meets specific production needs and enables rapid adaptation to batch sizes from small to large.
4.    Securing Skilled Labor: Reduction of manual and monotonous tasks improve working conditions through automated processes and increase employer attractiveness.     
5.    Product Individualization: The integrated technology can be planned to allow flexible product individualization according to customer requirements.
6.    Process Safety & Automation: Precise control and production monitoring ensures process sequences.
7.    Transformation Process: The FRICKE-Multiplex enables adaptation to the digital era and opens up new business opportunities for long-term competitiveness and innovation.    

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FRICKE Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG from Minden, Germany, is a specialist in the development of dosing and filling systems, as well as control software for efficient production processes. Its customers are located around the globe and belong to the perfume and aroma industry, and the chemical industry. At Fricke, broad know-how and over 150 years of experience meet the flexibility and reliability of a family company with more than 115 employees.

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FRICKE valve technology for high dosing accuracy and flow rate with reliable protection against cross contamination.
Liquids and powders are precisely dosed with FRICKE dosing systems for the perfume and flavor industry.
Increased efficiency and improved quality through networked dosing and filling systems thanks to the new FRICKE-Multiplex from mechanical engineering specialist FRICKE Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG.