New remote service from Fricke

Remote maintenance with Tosibox

FRICKE Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, a specialist in developing dosing and filling systems, has teamed up with Tosibox, a renowned expert in cybersecurity and remote maintenance technology, to offer its customers a pioneering remote service. This partnership not only promises a cost-effective and efficient solution for equipment maintenance but also sets new standards in cybersecurity.

In an increasingly networked world, Fricke, a mechanical engineering company based in Minden, Germany, was faced with the challenge of optimizing costly and time-consuming maintenance processes for dosing and filling systems for the perfume and flavor industry or chemical industry. The solution was found in a partnership with Tosibox, a leading expert in cybersecurity and remote maintenance technology. At the heart of this partnership is Tosibox's patented and certified connectivity process. “Our patented and extremely scalable technology enables the establishment of an end-to-end connection from IT to the facility in less than five minutes. Both via a LAN/WAN, WiFi or LTE connection," said Lothar Hoffstedde, Sales Manager TOSIBOX GmbH.

Easy installation and highest security  
Unlike comparable remote maintenance systems, which operate via a provider's server, Tosibox's communication is actually end-to-end. Data is transported via a securely locked data tunnel, which is crucial given the growing threats from cyberattacks in the mechanical engineering sector.

Installing the Tosibox system is extremely simple. For the IT side, all that is needed is a so-called key with an integrated crypto chip, while on the machine side, a Tosibox Lock is installed to provide additional security for the customer's network. Thanks to the Plug & Go technology, the certificates of the key for the IT side are automatically and completely exchanged with the lock (router) for the machine side. This solution allows only the two devices to connect via the Internet and establish the VPN tunnel. If the customer does not want to enable the permanent access of the technician, he can simply disconnect the router from the power supply to keep complete control over his machine or network.

Customers benefit from the new remote maintenance solution for these reasons:

  • Support with commissioning and machine adjustments
  • Savings in travel costs through remote maintenance instead of service technicians on-site
  • Minimization of machine downtime
  • Optimization of machine settings for higher efficiency
  • Implementation of remote updates
  • Predictive maintenance of equipment

"We have already been working together successfully since January 2023 and are pleased to have found a reliable partner in Tosibox, a company that has already been able to demonstrate its capabilities in critical infrastructures," says Harald von Lukowicz, Project Manager FRICKE Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG. "We are pleased to be able to set new standards for the simple and secure remote maintenance of our customers' dosing and filling systems with the proven Tosibox technology."

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FRICKE Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG from Minden, Germany, is a specialist in developing dosing and filling systems, as well as control software for efficient production processes. Its customers are located around the globe and belong to the perfume and aroma industry and the chemical industry. At Fricke, broad know-how and over 150 years of experience meet the flexibility and reliability of a family company with more than 115 employees.

FRICKE Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG
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Company profile TOSIBOX:     
Developed in 2012 in Oulu, Finland and patented worldwide, Tosibox's Plug & Go VPN technology has become the standard for OT security and network connectivity. Today, with a team of over 70 employees, Tosibox develops and distributes award-winning solutions and platforms in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Since launching its first remote access appliance with Plug & Go technology in 2012, Tosibox has expanded its offering globally, with subsidiaries in Germany, Scandinavia and the US. Tosibox has successfully secured and operated hundreds of thousands of OT networks in various industries and organizations worldwide and aims to be the global standard for OT security and network connectivity, regardless of company size or industry.

Lothar Hoffstedde  
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Fricke optimizes its remote service with Tosibox technology.
Simple installation and maximum security with the new remote service from Fricke.
The Tosibox Lock 650.