FFS 41

For container sizes from 20 kg to 3,000 kg

A filling station with electronic scale for the filling of viscous to pasty liquids e.g. paints. varnishes or dispersions, adhesives, bitumen.

For the filling of open containers (min. Ø 150mm opening) just above fill level, e.g. canisters, open lidded drums or IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container), directly on the pallet. above level filling coarse/fine.

Product feed from higher lying storage tanks via gravity or with the help of pumps. Direct connection via product hoses to the valve.

The system offers you:

  • calibratable above level filling just above the fill level with a rising valve of several containers on one pallet
  • fast and easy valve cleaning (the produkt contact area is made of 3 parts)
  • a rapid changeover to other container sizes and changing products
  • simple operation by one person
  • handling of empty containers (lifting heavy loads (filled containers)) not applicable
  • automatic height adjustment and automatic change of position

depending on the choice of scale

  • 10 kg – 600 kg
  • 20 kg – 1.500 kg
  • 50 kg – 3.000 kg

with additional small container scale

  • 500 g – 30 kg
  • 1.000 g – 60 kg
Dimensions max.11750 x 3,100 x 3,300 mm (WxDxH)
Weight~ 550 kg
air demand per filling
(200 l drum)
~ 30 NL
at 5.5 bar

Also available with explosion protection label according to directive 2014/34/EU.


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