Space-saving and powerful

The FRICKE EFS-series includes semi-automatic filling systems for accurate filling of viscous and pasty liquids as well as liquids which make a below level filling imperative since they have the tendency to foam, produce gases or static charges during filling.

Above level: e.g. Paints, varnishes, glues, bitumen, ...

Below level: e.g. Solvents and cleaning agents, chemical liquids, glazes, ...

This system can be used to fill all standard container types, e.g. open cans, buckets and canisters. The product feed is from higher-lying storage tanks and makes use of gravity or pumps. The connection is via product hoses directly to the valve.

Various system configurations are available, such as the above level, below level, below bunghole, above level (just above the fill level), multi (both below level and above level filling) or as a container variant.

    • calibrated filling (type according to the filling method)
    • fast and easy valve cleaning (the produkt contact area is made of 3 parts)
    • rapid changeover to other container sizes and changing products
    • quick conversion to other packing sizes
    • perfect for small and medium-sized filling
    • easy operation by one person, because of its small size
    • the filling station needs only little space

    Weight ranges (calibratable acc. to the Measuring and Calibration Regulation) depending on the choice of scales

    • 100 g – 15 kg
    • 500 g – 30 kg
    • 1.000 g – 60 kg
    • 2.000 g – 150 kg
    • 5.000 g – 300 kg